One Movement Foundation

Our Mission

One Movement is an organization built on the philosophy that together, we can improve the lives of many in our community. Our goal is to educate others on psychological competency and to bring awareness of the importance of mental health.  We do this by finding opportunities to build the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness within yourself and the people around you.

The One Movement Foundation was also founded as a fun way to give back to the collegiate community. We strive to bring alumni back together for events and fundraisers, that not only benefit the school, but benefit each other! We understand a financial commitment is hard, but with the One Movement Foundation, we look to make it easier and more engaging for fellow alumni to give back to the school without even trying!  We accomplish this through events, merchandise, and scholarships, we allow fellow alumni to re-engage with the school, while giving back to a good cause, so it’s a win win all around!