Check-In Movement

Our Mission

The Check In Movement was founded after a social movement occurred during the COVID-19 Pandemic, in 2020. The initial idea was to create and maintain interpersonal relationships when it was impossible to do so in person. The hashtag #checkinmovement became the backbone of the experiment, allowing people all over the globe to “check in” with their friends and family, through social media.

Today, the Check-In Movement is still as plain and simple as it sounds! Just simply checking in on your friends, family, and loved ones, and letting them know you are there to love and support them. A simple, “Hey, how have you been?” is all it takes. Everyone has good days, bad days, and days in between. One thing we can all agree a message, a call, a text, a hug from a loved one makes the day just that much better. The Check-In Movement’s goal is to help individual’s build a small community to hold themselves accountable and become the best version of themselves, while holding your friends to the same standard along the way.